Naw, rhyming is fun.

Hi there all!

As the title might suggest, I have some apologies to dole out, as well as some appreciation.

Firstly, I’m sorry that I’ve been somewhat quiet this week. I haven’t actually worked out a schedule for my writing yet (that’s probably kind of obvious). It hasn’t been one of those weeks where you just can’t seem to find the time to even scratch yourself, but it’s still been busy enough to keep me from my blog. So, I’m sorry.

Secondly, I want to send a HUGE thank you out to everyone who has been reading my material and leaving feedback. I went into this with the “What you have to say matters to you, but it may not matter to anyone else, and you may not find anyone who is interested in what you’re posting” mindset. I think that was more to comfort myself just in case it failed miserably, than an actual belief. I have issues, and a very self-deprecating sense of humour. These things present themselves in weird ways sometimes. But anyhoo…
Lo and behold, to my surprise (and also delight) I found people weren’t only reading my posts, but they were commenting and encouraging me to keep writing, and saying that they loved reading what I wrote. This was bafflingly awesome to me, and to be honest, after that first post, I sat at my work station at TAFE grinning like the Chesire Cat and scrolling through Facebook instead of focusing on the documents that I was meant to be formatting. It was almost like high school again, except the teacher didn’t confiscate my phone or tell me to put it away. Alli isn’t like other teachers, she’s a cool teacher.
(Thankyou, Mean Girls and Amy Poehler, for that perpetual gem of a pop culture reference. Also, you’re welcome Dave, because I made you watch that movie and now you will understand that hilarious little jewel.)

Honestly guys, you have no idea how much those comments meant on those first few posts. I started a Facebook page specifically to share my blog posts – you can see it at the top of this post, in my featured picture*. The page has thirty likes/followers now (WHOA! Look out!) Might not seem like much, but that’s about twenty-five more people in my audience than I had originally expected. So thank you – thank you so much for reading what I had to say, for dealing with my far-too-long ramblings, and for coming back for more. I wish I could express how much it means to me adequately with words, but how do you describe the feeling of your heart basically bursting with gratitude, while your brain is anxiously reminding you that you are not the bees knees, and you do need to calm down? (A little bit like that? Oh, ok. Cool.)

So I am going to try and introduce a little more structure to my blog – nothing too rigid, as I’m usually not a very rigid person (I have my hang ups, like we all do, but mostly I think I’m pretty chilled). I have a few ideas for segments to kind of meat up the body of my work too; Solely reading my ramblings is a punishment that I wish on no-one, so I hope to include some photography, and also some video segments (these are currently in the negotiation phase in our house, so watch this space).

I would also LOVE to hear from you guys – tell me what you’d like to see here. Maybe suggest a topic for a blog post? Tell me your own experiences or thoughts on something that I’ve written, or something that I will write in the future (obviously these comments will be future comments too). Interaction and engagement is actively encouraged here, ladies and gents. For someone who sometimes gets anxiety at the thought of going to the mailbox, I’m an oddly social creature. I crave that interaction. So don’t leave me hanging, guys, come on. That’s just not cool.

Basically, that’s all I wanted to update you all on. Thankyou so much again for taking these first, wobbly baby steps with me into the world of blogging. I know I will most likely draw on your support more than once as I head down this path, and I will always, always be abundantly grateful to you all. Right now,I’m running on about three hours of sleep over the past 48 hours, and I don’t know if you guys can tell or not, but I’m starting to push the ‘delirious’ button. So here is where I leave you, with a fond farewell, and a promise to be back very soon (hopefully after some pretty solid sleeping).

Now, let us all take a moment to celebrate the fact that I finally uploaded a post that is less than 1,000 words! It CAN be done! (880, to be exact.)

*If you haven’t followed it yet, you should, and you should have your friends follow it too! (Only if they want to, though.) Also, if you haven’t liked/followed my page yet, then there’s every chance you may not be reading this post at all – if that’s the case, I hope someone you know reads it, and alerts you to this posts existence.