About The Author –> Jess is a hopeless optimist who is determined to find the best in people (even when it’s really, really hard). She experiences bouts of social anxiety, general anxiety, and anxiety-about-having-anxiety; She has also made the acquaintance of Depression once, twice, or countless times – but is still optimistic and actually kind of funny. Life has thrown her some curve balls, and despite a total lack of baseball skills, she’s managed to knock them out of the park and continue running to the next base. So far, she’s not gotten out.
She enjoys binge watching entire seasons of TV shows, spinning a yarn, creative writing, adventuring with her boyfriend, and growing old before her time through the art of crochet.
She also enjoys museums and dabbles in photography.

About the Blog –> BarelySaneLane is the sometimes sane ramblings of a part-time lunatic. Basically, the author has too many opinions and likes to share them with people that she doesn’t know (and people that she does, who are still polite enough to pretend to listen).
Really, this is a place to hash out some of the brain ramblings and see if they make more sense outside the brain-box.