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I Suppose This Is Where We Start

I love that the photo accompanying this placeholder post is a cup of coffee, seeing as it's the beginning of my blogging venture and a lot of people begin their days with coffee. I mean, not me, personally - I can't stand the stuff (that's enough of your indignant gasping out there!). But a lot of people do - and snaps to them for being able to have proper adult drinks in the morning. I'll just sit over here with my porridge and my orange juice and adult at my own pace. Even though it's 8pm. I can have breakfast at dinner time. I'm an adult. So mneh.

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We Don’t Care As Much As You Think We Do, And We Aren’t Sorry.

I'm going to throw this out there early on in this piece - I discovered the art of Not Giving Fucks a few years ago, and it's been one of the most delightful skills I've ever added to my personal repertoire.... Continue Reading →

“You’ll be an amazing mother, one day.”

Sleepy, shared mornings are my favourite. We lie, entwined together, cosy beneath the covers. We chat and laugh our time away as the world moves on, oblivious outside our door.   He watches me as I speak, his eyes devouring... Continue Reading →

Finding Home

Firstly, apologies. It's been a few months since I posted. Life, as it does, went through a rather hectic phase for a while there - part of which I'm going to delve into a little bit with this post! When Dave... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the Beast

To the woman who once called me a beast. You were an adult, with grown children of your own. I was in my early twenties, legally an adult, but still a child in so many ways. You called me a... Continue Reading →

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

This post is going to be long one guys, so get comfortable. Last night, I was trawling through the interwebs. You know how it is. You click one video or article, and then after that another video or five more... Continue Reading →

Learning that The Struggle Is Real, and That It’s OK.

I have struggled, these past few weeks. Mentally, more than anything. I have struggled to sleep, in all forms and stages - I do not remember the last time I was asleep before midnight. Twice in the past three weeks... Continue Reading →

Apologies and Appreciation – Also, a New Share Station

Naw, rhyming is fun. Hi there all! As the title might suggest, I have some apologies to dole out, as well as some appreciation. Firstly, I'm sorry that I've been somewhat quiet this week. I haven't actually worked out a schedule... Continue Reading →

A Slightly Sweary Rant About “Baby-Hating” Babes.

Just a quick thought tonight (if that's even possible for me). I've just read an "article" about a woman named Vicky Pattison. Apparently she's famous for being on Geordie Shore (now do you see why "article" has the quotation marks around... Continue Reading →


Blur The night time hours fade and blend and I fade and blend with them before being pulled back to bleary eyed, fuzzy consciousness. The horizon ignites, then warms casting bold golds and optimistic pinks across the sky. The idea of... Continue Reading →

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